Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme

Expedition Xtreme for sale at Miller Sellner, MN. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Sleepy Eye, Bingham Lake, Slayton, MN.

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Model: Expedition Xtreme

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  • Platform:  REV-XU
  • Engine:  ROTAX 800R E-TEC
  • Color:  Black
  • Front Suspension:  RAS 2
  • Front Shocks: HPG Plus R
  • Center Shock:  HPG Plus
  • Rear Suspension:  SC-5U
  • Rear Shock:  KYB Pro 36 Easy-Adjust
  • Skis:  Pilot DS 2

RAS 2 front suspension

We further sharpen the industry’s best handling snowmobiles. New geometry and lighter components increase precision, especially in extreme bumps. Sharp new styling, too. Reduces weight by 1.76 lb (0.8 kg).

HPG Plus R Front Shocks

Lightweight and very capable aluminum shocks. Wide range of adjustability with rebound damping adjustment and rebuildable/revalvable design.

KYB Pro 36 Rear Shock

Race-proven aluminum shock with no-tool compression damping adjustment.

SC-5U Rear Suspension

Our sport-utility suspension. Refined ride both on trail and on top of powder. Articulated rail to maximize deep snow traction in reverse or locked out when towing

ROTAX 800R E-TEC Engine

This revolutionary direct-injection two-stroke allows monster power, yet smooth, linear and manageable.

And thanks to proven E-TEC technology, it has virtually no smoke or smell – especially at start and idle – and starts on the first pull, every time.

The best-selling 800cc engine in snowmobiling*.

- 163.9 horsepower**
- Up to 19 mpg (12.3 L/100 km)***

*Based on retail sale results as of December 31, 2014.
** Result based on independent third-party dyno test.
*** Data based on internal engineering trail testing on a MXZ.


A revolutionary platform that’s a modern combination of ruggedness and sportiness. Its light, yet strong, aluminum frame delivers exceptional handling and less rider fatigue. And its ergonomically advanced design provides more flexibility and comfort for any riding style.

Pilot DS 2 Skis

Single-keel with excellent sidehilling bite, thanks to thin outer edges. Narrow and thin, yet stiff. Shorter behind its complementary spindle with flat tail for easier counter-steering and sidehilling.

20 X 154 X 1.75 in. Track

This track adds traction for off-trail play.

Synchromesh Transmission

Take off from a stop smoothly, even with a heavy load, thanks to two forward and one reverse gears. Inline 2-1-N-R pattern on right side and can be safely shifted from High to Low while on the fly.

Multi-Function analog/digital gauge

Sharply-styled analog speedometer and tachometer are complemented by a multi-function three-zone LCD screen packed with data.

Aluminum Rack

Delivers 55 pounds (25 kg) of cargo capacity.





Engine ROTAX 800R E-TEC


Vehicle overall width 1150 or 1192 mm / 45.3 or 46.9 in
Official dry weight 284 kg / 625 lb
Ski stance 975 or 1018 mm / 38.4 or 40.1 in
Track nominal width 500 mm / 20 in
Track nominal length 3923 mm / 154 in
Track profile height 31.8 mm / 1.75 in


Drive clutch type TRA VII
Driven clutch type QRS
Brake system Brembo racing brake with braided stainless-steel brake line


Front Suspension RAS 2
Front Shocks HPG Plus R
Center Shock HPG Plus
Rear Suspension SC-5U
Rear Shock KYB Pro 36 Easy-Adjust


Platform REV-XU
Skis Pilot DS 2