Case IH 810 Flex-Air Applicator

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Model: 810 Flex-Air Applicator

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810 Flex-Air Box

  • The 810 Flex-Air is the only single bin  system in the industry featuring a split bin for carrying one or two blends.
  • Base capacity is 287 cu ft (8.1 cu m).
  • Total capacity is increased to 346 cu ft (9.8 cu m) with available co-ap bins and supplemental augers.


  • Co-Ap Bins

    • Case IH Flex-Air co-ap bins are available in 50 cu ft (1.4 cu m) capacities.
    • Bins are mounted externally on the main bin so capacity is not compromised.
    • Bin tip-out feature, extra-large doors and wind cover latches make access a breeze.
    • Internal illumination of co-ap bins and metering housing provides  easy monitoring in low light conditions.
    • Three metering wheel sizes available for all your application needs.
  • Efficient Design

    • Externally mounted 500-gallon liquid system
    • Separate hydraulic motors control the conveyor's on/off and left/right shut-off without high-maintenance gearboxes or clutches
    • Twin fans are mounted directly behind and under the metering system, with direct air inlet screens for maximum efficiency.
    • Fan speeds up to 6,000 RPM ensure there's plenty of air volume to carry product down the booms.
  • Product Delivery System

    • Product is transferred from the main bin to the product delivery hopper via an 8 in (20.3 cm) auger  and flows freely from the hopper to a dual conveyor belt system.
    • The dual conveyor belt system dedicates one conveyor to each boom, allowing for instantaneous on/off and true left/right shutoff capability.
    • Each conveyor has its own metering gate system with three gate-height adjustments.
    • Vertical product dividers evenly split product flow before it drops off the conveyors into dedicated venturi tubes.
    • Product is carried out of each boom tube on a bed of accelerated air for even dispersal on the ground.
  • Mid-Mounted Booms

    ​Case IH 810 Flex-Air mid-mounted booms are located over the chassis’ center of gravity, forming a very stable spreading platform with reduced boom hop.
    • A parallel-linkage suspension system utilizing compression springs and centering shocks supports the booms; absorbs shock loads; and maintains a level boom.
    • Booms fold forward into the spreading position and fold rearward for transport, allowing for excellent visibility while traveling from field to field.
    • Booms are available in two widths: 60 ft (18.3 m) or 70 ft (21.3 m).
    • The 60 ft (18.3 m) boom comes with 2.5 or 3 in (53.5 or 76 mm) diameter tubes
    • The 70 ft (21.3 m) boom comes with 2.5 in (63.5 mm) diameter tubes.
    • The four rear tubes on both boom widths are 3 in (76 mm) diameter.
  • Versatility

    • Cover more ground with one machine.
    • Accurately apply both dry fertilizer and granular herbicides.
    • Materials delivered and metered near the distribution point makes changing rate quick and easy.​
    • The 810 Flex-Air gives you the choice of two controller options​:
    • The Case IH SCS 5000, for single product at fixed or variable rate application plus data logging
    • The Case IH Viper 4, for single or multiple product applications at fixed or variable rates.
    • The Viper will perform data logging and a variety of field-mapping functions via the full-color touchscreen display.


Quick Specs

Main Bin: 287 cu ft  (8.1 cu m)    
Length (Boom Folded): 14.3 ft (4.4 m)
Weight: 6,560 lbs (2976 kg) *single bin weight