Case IH True-Tandem 330 Turbo

True-Tandem 330 Turbo for sale at Miller Sellner, MN. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Sleepy Eye, Bingham Lake, Slayton, MN, and Fairmont, MN .


Model: True-Tandem 330 Turbo

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Till And Prep, Spring Or Fall

  • A true all-purpose vertical tillage tool for fall or spring use
  • Controls the size of the residue
  • Breaks up corn root balls
  • Puts sized residue in contact with the soil to promote breakdown of residue, anchor residue, and reduce hairpinning

Agronomic by Design

  • Exclusive, patented, shallow-con cavity turbo blade design
  • Vertical tillage with the added ability to level
  • Blades move soil and residue laterally as well as up and down
  • Breaks the crust and aerates the soil
  • Providesuniform seedbed depth and temperature, contributing to early, even plant emergence in the spring
  • Allows for precise depth adjustment and greater control over soil residue cover at planting to fit a wide range of soil types, topographies and management objectives
  • Does not leave coulter slots that can dry out
  • Gang blades work at uniform depth in hard wheel tracks or out of tracks

Vertical Tillage Plus Leveling Capacity

Moves Soil Up, Over, Out

  • Patented blades move soil and reside up, down and laterally to slice, size, mix and level fields
  • Unique shallow-concavity blades with turbo vanes
  • Exclusive construction for higher field speeds, greater fuel efficiency, and long service life

Manage Crop Residue - Prep the Seedbed

  • Speed of vertical tillage with added leveling ability
  • Effectively sizes tough Bt corn stalks
  • Breaks up corn root balls and integrates into soil to promote breakdown
  • Removes soil crusts and shallow compaction
  • Uproots young weed seedlings
  • Single-point depth control allows for precise, high-speed performace in a wide range
  • Superior seedbed leveling with optimal weight distribution, hydraulic leveler adjustment and walking tandems
  • Optional Advanced Conditioning System, for extra seed bed leveling ahead of planting​


  • Proven welded-frame design
  • Heavy-duty spring-cushion gangs
  • Frame-mounted rolling harrow
  • Pivoting stabilizer wheels
  • Adequate weight to hook on and go no additional weight needed for performance in even the toughest conditions
  • The 42-ft. model has heavier-duty walking tandems throughout; 16.5x16.1 FI (E) on the center-section mainframe
  • The adjustable castering gauge wheel on the outer wings hugs ground contours and helps maintain a uniform cutting depth, even in rough terrain (42-ft. model)
  • Includes a bearing shield to ensure productivity in rocky and muddy conditions (42-ft. model)


Make Case IH
Model True Tandem 330 Turbo
Fore-aft configuratiion Blade-Blade-Rolling basket
Primary blade type, disk, coulter or turbo Turbo Coulter
Manufacturer's description of blades Turbo Blade
Dimensions and Weights  
Working width, minimum,ft-in (m) 22' 2" (6.76)
Working width, maximum, ft-in (m) 47' 2" (14.38)
Transport width, minimum, ft-in (m) 13' 8" (4.17)
Transport width, maximum, ft-in (m) 18' 6" (5.64)
Transport height, minimum, ft-in (m) 11' 4" (3.45)
Transport height, maximum, ft-in (m) 14' 6" (4.42)
Weight, minimum, lb (kg) 15,090 (6845)
Weight, maximum, lb (kg) 32,815 (14884)
Sizes available, number of widths 6
Blade diameter, in (mm) 20 (508)
Blade spacing, in (mm) 7.5 (191)
Blade edge profile Turbo pattern
Blade concavity Shallow concavity
Blade Mounting and Angles  
Blade Mounting, on Gangs or Standards Gangs
Front angle of gang or blades, degrees 18
Rear angle of gang or blades, degrees 18
Rolling Basket, Reel or Chopper  
Description, basket, reel or chopper Basket
Rolling Diameter, in (mm) 14 (356)
Bars or blades on circumference Flat or round bars, spiral pattern
Harrow tooth, spike or coil tine Coil tine optional
Harrow gangs 3-bar optional
Transport tire, largest size 16.5x16.1 FI E
Wing tire, largest size 12.5Lx15 FI D
Tractor Power Recommendations  
Power per width of cut, hp/ft (kW/m) 7 to 11 (17 to 27)
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH4220807
Literature Date 4/1/2008
Operators or Product Manual  
Manual Number SP-4037-12
Manual Date 12/1/2012
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 7/1/2011
Revision Date 12/1/2012