Case IH Autoguidance

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AFS AccuGuide™ Autoguidance Systems

AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance systems from Case IH are designed with the precision grower in mind and eliminate the need to steer in open fields, except at row ends. You focus on the performance of the implement instead. AFS AccuGuide is compatible with:

  • Puma Tractors
  • Magnum™ tractors
  • Steiger® tractors
  • Quadtrac® tractors
  • Axial-Flow 5088-7088, 5140-7140, 7120-9240 combines

AFS AccuGuide lets you maintain perfectly straight rows and return to those same rows later in the season. Thanks to its GPS technology you can enjoy control and accuracy—seed and material are applied with extreme precision, saving input costs.

Added benefits. AFS AccuGuide offers a wide range of productivity and cost-saving benefits such as:

  • Fewer "skips" and "overlaps" for more precise planting, fertilizing, and tilling
  • Less compaction for higher yields
  • Faster field speeds to reduce your time on the job
  • Reduced operator stress and fatigue

Four levels of accuracy. AFS AccuGuide systems are accurate at one, five and eight inches (depending on the source of the differential correction signal). For applications requiring more precision, sub-inch to one-inch (2.5-cm) accuracy may be achieved using a Case IH AFS AccuGuide base station. The base station correction signal provides superior accuracy and eliminates subscription costs.

Available now. Dealer-installed field kits are available for Magnum and Steiger tractor models.

Ask your Case IH dealer about AFS AccuGuide systems today!

NOTE: AFS AccuGuide provides accurate steering for field operation in adverse conditions such as rain, darkness, dust and fog. However, AFS AccuGuide cannot detect obstacles or stop automatically to avoid danger. The operator must remain vigilant and steer or stop the tractor to avoid collisions with obstacles in the field. It is always the operator’s responsibility to ensure visibility is adequate to allow for safe operation of the equipment under any and all adverse conditions.

The accuracy of any guidance system is dependent on satellite communication, field location, terrain, tractor and implement condition and setup, system installation, and calibration. A field demonstration and trial is the best way to determine actual guidance system accuracy in each situation.