Case IH ElectriSteer


ElectriSteer: An Affordable Assisted Steering Solution
ElectriSteer is an affordable guidance system that utilizes existing
AFS Pro 300 and AFS Pro 700 displays in Case IH or competitive
vehicles! ElectriSteer utilizes our existing AFS 262 or 372 receivers
and Pro300 or Pro700 displays customers may already have in a
Case IH or competitive vehicle. It also utilizes the same Precision
Farming software within the Pro 300 or Pro 700 display as AFS
AccuGuide, resulting in a common user interface for guidance
functions such as creating guidance patterns, data storage, etc.


  •  Compatible with the Case IH AFS Pro 300 and Pro 700


  •  Easy installation utilizing existing steer wheel
  •  Reverse operation
  •  Built in terrain compensation (Roll, Pitch, Yaw)
  •  Operating speeds 1.0 - 15+ MPH (1.6 - 24+ KPH)*
  •  Custom mounting kits for a more integrated look and feel
  •  High torque, positive gear drive with whisper quiet option
  •  Supports multiple vehicle makes/models
  •  Brush-less DC Motor
  •  Built in compass for quick heading acquisition on initial daily start up
  •  Common User Interface to AccuGuide

*Vehicle Dependent


  •  Tractors: AGCO, Fendt, John Deere, New Holland
  •  Combines: Case IH, John Deere, CAT/Claas, New Holland
  •  Sprayers: AGCO, John Deere


  • ElectriSteer is warranted for 2 years from the date of sale