Case IH FM-750 Lightbar

FM-750 Lightbar available at Miller Sellner. Serving your parts needs from Sleepy Eye, Bingham Lake, Slayton MN.

Introducing the FM-750 Display: Now Available to Order

The FM-750 display is equipped with touchscreen technology, Field-IQ crop input control system compatability, and an integrated GNSS receiver that supporst both GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations for sub-meter to RTK-level accuracy. In addition, the FM-750 display works with both the EZ-Steer assisted steering system and Autopilot automated steering system. The FM-750 display the best value in the industry.

fm 750 device

Key Features

  • An 8" touchscreen with an all new intuitive user experience
  • Attachable RTK radio
  • Dual external video input
  • Built-in 220 channel GNSS receiver that is GPS and GLONASS capable
  • Supports Field-IQ crop input control systems for spraying, spreading, strip till and planting
  • Capable of wireless data trnasfer between the field and office using Connected Farm solutions
  • Manual and automated guidance with the EZ-Steer assisted steering system and Autopilot automated steering system
  • Feature mapping and record keeping capabilities

Ordering Information

The FM-750 display and accessories are available for ordering immediately:

Part NumberDescription
ZTN94000-20 FM-750 display - DGPS level with L1/ L2/ G1/ G2/ AG25 antenna (WAAS, EGNOS, Autonomous)
ZTN78750-90 FM-750 attachable 900 MHz radio kit
ZTN78750-44 FM-750 attachable 430-450 MHz radio kit
ZTN78750-46 FM-750 attachable 450-470 MHz radio kit